Bushmills 1608 Anniversary


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Bushmills 1608 Anniversary Edition Irish Whiskey

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Bushmills 1608 400th Anniversary Edition Irish Whiskey

Irish Whiskey 400th Anniversary Edition 400 Bushmills 1608 Built on the foundations of 400 years of producing classic Irish whiskey, Bushmills 1608 is a superiorly smooth, flavorful, melt in your mouth whiskey. This whiskey owes its creaminess to a specialty barleycorn malt that takes on a crystalline appearance after a light toasting. The bottled 1608 is a blend of Bushmills malt whiskies (a selection from those aged in either American oak or Spanish sherry casks), a small amount of Irish grain whiskey and the crystallized malt. Bushmills 1608 has a toffee-like smoothness with vanilla, honey and dried fruit notes. It is warm and inviting and a fine example of craft Irish whiskey. When tasting it straight I liked it best neat; ice seemed a distraction and unnecessary dilution of the whiskey's sweetness. That said, there is no reason to refrain from mixing 1608. Try it in a Burning Bush, Irish Martini or Black Nail, anything that will compliment, but not distract from, its smooth, sweet character. Between February and December of 2008 Bushmills 1608 will be available in the United States. But after that you will have to travel to the distillery to taste 400 years of craftsmanship in this form.