Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey


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Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey

Ride the wave of exceptional taste with Burnside Oregon Oaked Rye Whiskey. This world-first rye whiskey is aged in Quercus Garryana, adding a unique flair to your liquid lineup.

The spirit is a harmonious blend of straight ryes and straight whiskeys of varying age, mash-bill, and distillation style. Each element brings its own distinctive flavor, culminating in a blend as diverse and unique as a seasoned surfer's wave selection.

Whether you're catching the last wave at sunset or simply unwinding on the shore, this Burnside rye is the perfect partner. Experience a taste as unparalleled as a perfectly executed cutback, and make your leisure time a session to remember.


Herbaceous with cassia and coriander, toffee, orange peel, peach, and allspice.

Opens with pronounced dried spices and bold peach notes. Progresses mid-palate to a unique balance of malt and cassia and toffee then finishes with warm hints of mint and toasted oak. A unique flavor experience like no other – spiced, sweet, balanced and full-bodied. Distinctly Portland.