Burnside Buckman RSV Bourbon


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Burnside Buckman RSV Bourbon

Discover a New Dimension in Bourbon with Burnside Buckman RSV. This meticulously crafted bottle is more than a drink; it's a showcase of artisanal prowess and a testament to the timeless craft of bourbon-making.

Created from a careful selection of top-quality grains, the richness in flavor sets it apart from the competition. The aging process in charred oak barrels imbues this bourbon with deep, multifaceted flavors and a smoky, rich color. Its robust yet smooth profile makes it ideal for a wide range of cocktails, as well as for sipping neat or on the rocks.


Bold spiced fruit bread with citrus and peppercorn. Faint aromatics of apple fruit and wood.

Opens with assertive oak and moves over the palate with dry floral tannins. The warmth is welcoming and lends notes of lemon peel and burnt sugar. The finish is long and dry.