Bumbu Original Craft Rum 750ml


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Bumbu Craft Rum

Bumbu "The Original Craft Rum"

Bumbu Craft Rum is a handcrafted rum from a blend of sugarcane selected from eight countries throughout the West Indies and South America. Bumbu rum is aged up to 15 years to achieve exceptional balance and smoothness

Our flagship Bumbu Craft Rum is based on the original recipe created by 16th and 17th century sailors of the West Indies, who blended native Caribbean ingredients into their rum and called it “Bumbu” – truly the original craft spirit.

Using the same all-natural native spices and no artificial colors or flavors, our rum is an authentic revival of this piece of Caribbean history, distilled in small batches and blended by hand. We’re pretty sure our great-great-grandfathers would approve.

At the Bumbu Craft Rum Company, we handcraft our rum from a blend of the finest sugarcane from across the West Indies. Our rum is exceptionally balanced and smooth, without sacrificing the richness and complexity that makes our Barbados distillery’s rum the world’s best – although we’re a little biased.

Our ultra-heavyweight glass bottle is a work of art on its own, adorned with a tarnished metal "X" in front and map of the Caribbean across the back. Our favorite part is the old-fashioned, oversized cork – you’ll hear a celebratory POP each time you crack open the bottle.

We like to sip our Bumbu straight, but try it over ice or in your favorite cocktail.

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Cocktail Recipes with Bumbu Craft Rum: