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Buffalo Trace Experimental 12 Year

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Buffalo Trace Experimental

12Year Old

Buffalo Trace began their series of Experimental’s almost 20 years ago. They’ve explored types of wood, barrel treatments, different recipes and currently more than 2,000 experimental barrels patiently wait in different locations within their warehouses. That’s a lot of good drinking to come!

For 2014 Buffalo Trace has released a selection of Experimental bourbons made from Rye Mash recipe #1 which has been maturing for 12 years. They have bottled from select charred oak barrels taken from floors one, five and nine.

Quality Liquor Store is delighted to bring to you a Buffalo Trace Exterimental that is rare and extraordinary. This particular one has been taken from just 4 barrels which were all stored on floor 5 of Warehouse K an experiment that explored how the barrel entry proof of rye bourbon mash #1 affected bourbon's flavor throughout the different rackhouse levels.

The resulting bourbon is delightfully well-balanced, hedonistic aroma of spicy cloves are mingled with soft sweet vanilla, rich caramels and sticky toffee. Coupled with this light woody flavors have been infused over years spent in the charred oak barrels which has create a sumptuous, well-rounded liquor with complex flavors.

This is a very limited experiment from Buffalo Trace Distillery. Part of the Experimental Collection, this 12 Year Old Bourbon comes from floor #5. There were 4 Barrel's from this production (Barrel Type: Charred White Oak), date distilled 11-29-01 and date barreled was 11-30-01. The recipe used was BT Rye Mash #1, mash type is sour. Still Proof is 140 and entry Proof is 125. The Warehouse this Experiment is from is K and Floor 5, Rick / Row , Slot: 51/1/21-24. The Maker is Independent Stave Co, Staves is 3 Month Air Dried, and the Treatment is #4 Char. Bottled on 3-12-14, Age at Bottling was 12 Yrs, MOS. Evaporation is 25%, Filtration is Chill Filtered, Bottle Proof 45% Alc/Vol (90 Proof)