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Bryggeriet Gudelos

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Bryggeriet Gudelos

The first thing that immediately impresses about this black as night, Russian Imperial Stout from Denmark, is its unavoidably desserty aroma - it smells like a German Black Forest Cherry Chocolate Cake. In the drink, powerful notes of artisanal roasted cold pressed coffee, dark fruits of the forest and bitter bakers cocoa prevail to the swallow. There is a beautifully soft level of effervescent conditioning to the beer that gives it a decadent velvety quality. This is an extremely well executed Russian Imperial Stout that anyone with a cellar, and a taste for the style, will want to stock up on. Those of a religious persuasion should note that this beer was brewed in conjunction with the Danish Atheist Society and a portion of the sale of every bottle of this beer goes to that organization. Gudelos means, 'Godless.' Bryggeriet Djaevlebryg, means 'Devil's Brew.

ABV: 8.9%

Beeradvocate = 93
ratebeer = 99