Breaker Port Bourbon 750ml


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Breaker Bourbon Whisky Port Barrel Finished

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Breaker Bourbon Whisky Port Barrel Finished

A flash point in success and debate cause the Breaker Port Bourbon to stay in check at all times. Is it the time it spent in Indiana that made it what it is today or is it the coastal sunshine and shore winds that afforded it the hurried barrel breathing time?

One may never know or understand the truth but does it matter when a silky and smooth Bourbon is about to be released deep into your soul? Ready yourself to experience the liquid version of a gold rush in the making.

Pop the top and let it open up, release the pretentious ethanol and allow the corn to dominate air. The hints of vanilla, spice and oak will fill your senses with a desire to tip your bottle rather than to delay the sweet success any further.

On the palate, the amazing rush of caramel emblazes the mouth with dabbles of rye spice and subtle hints of black pepper. The remnants of vanilla, oak and corn linger on the tip of the tongue.

The finish begins with its soft and smooth mix of vanilla, oak and bits of smoke before the finish carries on it long finish leaving its mark behind with its touch of licorice lingering.

Breaker Port Bourbon shares its young age with Bourbon lovers who are looking for a young spirit to sample as the year’s progress. It is a wonderful sipper and is equally a great one to cellar and watch as it matures. Keep a bottle on hand for the fireside conversations for those times when one wants a soft and smooth whisky that goes down and smooth as it touches the palate.