Boodles British Gin 750ml


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Boodles British Gin

Boodles British Gin

The aroma is a nice, slightly sharp blend of juniper and spice, with hints of citrus and a light floral note. As I cupped the snifter to warm it up and bring up the aroma I started to notice the floral notes increasing dramatically and a much bigger hit of spices. The citrus started to grow as well, and became much more complex. This gin smells like a classic gin should, with the juniper and other botanicals very well balanced. Other aroma notes appeared as well, but as to what they specifically are I couldn't completely tell; since it was a complex blend of spices and herbs, with some slight spearmint, and even sweet red fruit scents similar to warm red plums. The nose was just absolutely lovely, and I sniffed the aroma for quite a while until my nostrils started tingling, which told me it was time to start tasting the gin.

The taste starts out smooth, soft, and mellow but rapidly expands into a complex symphony of tastes including soft juniper, sharp and sweet spices, citrus, and those hints of spearmint and ripe fruit. Then a sharp, herbal astringency appears that lingers nicely, as the gin fades in a long, slow finish of juniper that enjoyably lasts for an extended period. It is very interesting how the gin comes on slightly sweet and then finishes very dry. It's a great showing of flavor development. Many minutes later I still have this great flavor washing through my mouth and over my tongue in waves.

A great many memories flooded back as I remembered the taste of Boodles. My first apartment and making my way for the first time on my own and becoming an adult. the fun of summer weekends spent in the Hamptons on Long Island; dancing to punk, new wave, and heavy metal in the enormous, circus tent sized clubs. Working hard during the week trying to develop a career. Life feeling like it was this great big experience that I was finally enmeshing in fully. And the good friendships that were formed, and lasted until everyone eventually moved on over the decades since.