Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc 750ml


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Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc

Taking the natural organic way of life since 1993, the Bonterra Vineyards has finely crafted and Introduced the Sauvignon Blanc for our social and relaxing pleasure. The art of creating the fruit forward flavors in the wine rests solely on how the vines lay in the sun and the amount of exposure they obtain. Through hard work and due diligence, the winemakers are careful in their planning and crop management. The results are a magnificent blend of perfection, to say the least.

The tastes bring forth the Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc

Type: White | Sweetness: Dry

The overall experience presents itself as a one of distinct pleasure with the fruity aromas including white flowers, asparagus and sweet peas. What quickly follows the aromas will set you back tenfold in any plans you may have made for the following day. The palate burst with envious taunts of what is yet to come. The tastes and joys of the grapefruit, lime and melons offer the perfect tart finish.

Best Served with Thai green curry fish, chicken and sage skewers, fresh tomato and basil salad or seafood dishes.