Bonterra Pinot Noir 750ml


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Bonterra Pinot Noir

Bonterra Pinot Noir

The Bonterra Pinot Noir is produced from an all organic vineyard. What is their purpose? The results speak for themselves in a fruit forward wine. One simple act of controlling the placement of the leaves offers a vital clue into the world.

The Pinot Noir takes the wine lover on a journey that they are far more likely to enjoy than they could have ever thought possible.

The aroma is full of the toasty oak, blackberry, strawberry, and hints of vanilla that quickly engulf one’s thoughts feelings.

While the Palate is quickly overcome with the full-bodied mouthful, the rich, soft tannins combine with the berries, spice and vanilla that take one into that

Finish to last a lifetime and beyond.

Alcohol: 14.2%

Sweetness: Extra Dry

Wine Type: Red Wines