Bird Dog Strawberry Flavored Whiskey


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Bird Dog Strawberry Flavored Whiskey

Bird Dog Strawberry Flavored Whiskey

We love strawberries. That's why we've created this delicious Bird Dog Strawberry Flavored Whiskey. Made from freshly picked berries, it's infused with real bourbon for a subtle vanilla flavor and oak undertones. Our Bird Dog Strawberry Flavored Whiskey is a delightful addition to a variety of classic cocktails like the Daiquiri, but works equally well in new ones you might come up with on your own!

Bird Dog is a fresh, sweet, and complex spirit. Featuring the ripe taste of strawberries, distilled in Kentucky bourbon barrels to create an unforgettable flavor profile. It's perfect straight up or in your favorite cocktail.

80 PROOF / 40% Alc/Vol
Golden amber
Sweet, fresh strawberries and a hint of rich bourbon
Vibrant strawberry mixed with notes of a well-aged, woody bourbon
A sweet berry fade accompanies a subtle warmth