Bird Dog Grapefruit Flavored Whiskey


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Bird Dog Grapefruit Flavored Whiskey

Bird Dog Grapefruit Flavored Whiskey

Our Bird Dog Ruby Red Grapefruit-Infused Whiskey is an updated version of the classic Paloma cocktail. Using fresh grapefruit juice and our citrus-forward Bird Dog Bourbon, we've crafted a spirit that is as refreshing as it is complex. Bright notes of fresh grapefruit perfume the nose while hints of caramel and citrus dance together on the palate. Deep oak notes of Kentucky bourbon keep this bright and fruity spirit grounded in tradition.

Grapefruit, with its slightly sweet and tart flesh, is best known for its role in the classic cocktail Paloma. Now it's made its way into our Bird Dog to create a whiskey that's warm and full bodied while having a slight hint of citrus. If you enjoy sipping on a traditional Paloma, we've got you covered.

80 PROOF / 40% Alc/Vol
Golden amber
Fruity citrus but a subtle tartness
Grapefruit throughout with an uncompromising base of aged bourbon; hints of caramel intertwine with grapefruit
A lingering warmth coincides with tart citrus notes