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Big Sky Ivan The Terrible
Imperial Stout

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Big Sky Ivan The Terrible

4 Pack

Imperial Stout

Ivan the Terrible; the Grand Prince of Moscow, the Tsar of All the Russia's. He was one of a kind. History tells of Ivan's complex personality, his fearless courage with many conquests won.

Ivan the Terrible Imperial Stout has been brewed according to tradition using English hops and the finest of American Malt. A mosaic of flavor, like Ivan this limited release from Big Sky Brewing is complex, and yet, it's incredibly well balanced.

Pouring deep dark brown, with a thin, espresso-like layer of froth, the aroma entices. It carries the presence of bourbon, laced with cinnamon, molasses and roasted cocoa. Voluptuous and smooth, the foreground is bourbon barrel oak and vanilla. The mouth-feel is of finely crafted stout, mellow and rich. Then at the finish there is dried fruit with perhaps, just a hint of anise.