Bib & Tucker Bourbon 750ml


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Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon

Bib & Tucker Small Batch Bourbon

Usually, being dressed in your best bib ’n' tucker would mean to be dressed in your finest clothing, but for 35 Maple Street Spirit, for whom craftsmanship, quality and tradition are held in the highest regard, their best Bib & Tucker is their finest produce. Newly released Bib & Tucker small batch bourbon encompasses and totally delivers on that.

Double distilled, first in a column, then in an old fashioned pot still, the mash is chill-filtered before being aged for 6 years in charred American White Oak casks.

Presented in handsome amber glass cork-stoppered flasks, evocative of a bygone era, the flask is hand labeled and tied with hemp thread. But it is what is inside it that counts, and here Bib & Tucker truly shines.

Just pull out the stopper to release the aromas; antiques and leather. It is earthy, like sweet just-cut grass, there is chestnut and barley, butterscotch and warm, cinnamon-kissed cedar.

The palate delivers on all that is present in the nose, and is smooth as silk; Your mouth fills with the flavors of sweet vanilla, wet stone and leather-bound books. It continues to evolve on the tongue, becoming warm, crisp and cinnamon spicy.

After you swallow, Bib & Tucker lingers in the mouth, complex, warm and chest-nutty, allowing you to relax, it brings a deep sense of peace and harmony.