Benchmark Top Floor Bourbon


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Benchmark Top Floor Bourbon

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Benchmark Top Floor Bourbon Whiskey

Benchmark Top Floor Bourbon is a single barrel product that matures on the top warehouse floors, which allows the heat to rise and age the spirit faster. It's bottled at 86 proof and smooth, well-rounded to be enjoyed straight or with ice, or in your favorite cocktail.

Benchmark Top Floor is a Kentucky Straight Bourbon that matures in the upper floors of our Warehouses. Its unique location allows it to age faster than other whiskies aging in the lower levels, resulting in a better flavor. We bottled this award-winning whiskey at 86 proof, giving you a smooth and well-rounded taste.

Tasting Notes:
Scents of subtle sweetness and baking spice are followed by flavors of light citrus, butterscotch, and oak.