Beluga Noble Vodka


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Beluga Noble Russian Vodka

Beluga Noble Russian Vodka Export

Beluga Noble Vodka reflects the centuries of knowledge and wisdom collected by the old Russian vodka-making masters. Created with crystal-clear Artesian water and the highest-quality malt alcohol base in a remote part of Siberia, Beluga Noble has the sweet taste of tradition. Pair with caviar, fish dishes, and robust stews.

The first batch of Beluga Noble Vodka was produced in 2002. It was the first and the dearest to our hearts! This was the result of the meticulous hard work of masters. The refined, rich taste of Beluga Noble Vodka results from its unique composition, mainly due to the malt spirit and the purest water. This helps to smoothen the taste of vodka.

These carefully selected natural components pass through a triple filtering system. Afterwards, Beluga Noble is left to «rest» for thirty days. Such method helps to neutralize the harsh smell of the spirit and to enhance the rich taste and soft flavor of Beluga Noble Vodka.