Bell's HopSlam Can 12oz


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Bell's Hopslam American Double Imperial IPA Can

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Bell's Hopslam American Double Imperial IPA

12oz Can

Hopslam is an American Double Imperial IPA from Bells Brewery, Michigan. It pours a sunny orange color with a finger head on top.

This ale is a medium bodied beer; with nice mild carbonation that leaves a smooth oily mouth feel.

The quality of the nose on this ale is amazing with intense hops of citrus, tropical fruit, pine, a little bit of funky resin, and grassy aromas and a slight following of malts, honey and biscuit aromas.

Citrus and tropical fruit are more dominant followed by the resiny smell giving it a delicious smell. It has a bitter bite with a slightly dry and awesome smooth finish.

Bell's Hopslam is certainly big flavored ale from the beginning to the end, and its beauty is in its drinkability.

Bell’s Hopslam Ale possesses the most complex hopping schedule in the Bell’s repetoire.