Beau Joie Champagne 750ml


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Beau Joie Brut Champagne

Beau Joie Brut Champagne

Beau Joie Brut Champagne is crafted from the first (and best) portion of the grape pressing and means “beautiful joy.” It is a blend of sixty percent Pinot Noir and forty percent Chardonnay. This combination of wines adds elegance and finesse to this beverage. Since there is no additional sugar added to it, the people that drink it get to enjoy a dry, rich Extra Brut Champagne, without the fruity, sweet notes that can drag down less complex sparklers. When drinking this Beau Joie champagne, you need some beautiful foods to go with it.

Champagne can be served with a lot of foods as long as they are not desserts that are full of sugar and heavy foods like red meats. If you want a cheese to serve with a full-bodied champagne, they pair well with hard cheeses like gouda and parmesan. Lighter-bodied champagnes are best served with soft cheeses like goat cheese and brie. Fruits that stones in them like peaches and plums pair well with light-bodied champagnes because they bring a sweetness to the palate. Sushi can be served with extra dry champagne due to the fact that it refreshes the palate between bites of buttery fish and delicate rice. There are also some snack foods that go well with champagne.

If you are in search of a snack food to snack on while you drink champagne, popcorn, potato chips, and crackers pair well with Brut champagnes because champagne has a high level of acidity that helps add a new dimension of flavor to the salt and fat that are in the snacks. The last food that should be eaten with champagne is eggs benedict. The buttery-ness of the eggs and cheese sauce taste great when champagne is drunk while they are being eaten. The bubbles in the champagne gently lift the fats from the tongue, which enhances the taste of the Eggs Benedict and the champagne. Smoked salmon added to this dish will make this dish and champagne very delightful. If you eat these food items with Beau Joie champagne, you will have one of the best meals or snacks ever.