BeatBox Blue Razzberry 5 Liter


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BeatBox Beverages Blue Razzberry Lemonade 5 Liter

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This Beatbox Blue Raspberry Lemonade not only looks and tastes great, it has very attractive packaging. For those of us that grew up in the 1980’s, we remember carrying around boomboxes. The packaging of the Beatbox Raspberry will take us back to the days of our childhood of carrying boomboxes around and listening to them because it is designed to resemble a boombox. This lemonade drink is described as delicious and it tastes better mixed with your favorite vodka instead with wine. This package of lemonade is ideal for parties because it contains five liters of beverage which is about seven bottles of wine. This drink is also wine-based (11.1 ABV) and it is low in calories (every five-ounce serving has 120 calories and only seven grams of sugar). It also has a long shelf life because it has a bag-in-box packaging and it will stay good in a fridge for two months after it is opened. This drink also has something for everyone as mixers, cocktails, and frozen Beatboxicles can be made with it. With all of these great features from being low in calories and sugar, with a long shelf life, and a variety of ways to use it, this Beatbox Raspberry Lemonade is the best alcoholic lemonade available.