Bastille 1789 Whisky 750ml


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Bastille 1789 French Blended Whisky

Bastille 1789 Whisky

Produced by experienced Master Distillier Jean-Marc Daucourt, this spirit speaks authoritatively, delivering a taste experience that is as memorable and unique as it is luxurious.

Blazing amber poured into your glass, the provocative, fruity citrus aroma laced with is peppery exotic spices enveloped and seduces.

Pure, natural lime-stone filtered water mixed with grains of wheat and barley grown in north-eastern France have been combined with love and attention then aged in casks made from French Limousine Oak.

Smooth as suede. Dry yet fruity. This vibrant medium body liquor will captivate and whisper to you well into its lasting finale.

Ideal for both traditional and modern cocktails or, if you prefer, straight up over ice.