BarrelHouse Rye IPA 500ml


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BarrelHouse Brewing Rye IPA

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BarrelHouse Brewing Rye IPA

The BarrelHouse Rye IPA takes the nice safe approach when it comes to the beauty awards for coloring with the golden pale gold but does step aside long enough to throw a slight amber in to stir the pot for a bit of magical good luck. The good luck ends up being its poof of a nice and frothy white head that leave a subtle lace behind on the glass, looks good.

Let it settle and take in the aroma as the head begins to dissipate. The first scent of the natural rye shows itself and delivers hops, faint hints of citrus and popping tropical fruits that can all wow you on different levels.

When the appearance and aroma set the bar so high, the expectations stay at that level, and one is clearly hesitant to lift the glass to the lips for fear of anything lower than perfection. Go ahead and raise the glass you have come this far. The taste brings around the rye while blending in the same aspects of the aroma and the scents. The combination of the rye and the tropical fruits puts this American IPA on the board, without that combination the low to mid hops flavor may have been too much for a fanatical IPA lover.