Ballast Point Batch 2 Devil's Share Whiskey


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Ballast Point Batch 2 Devil's Share Whiskey

Devil's Share Single Malt Whiskey Batch #002

Uncompromising in all that they do, Ballast Point Brewing & Distillery in San Diego, started business as (still thriving) Home Brew Mart, becoming soon afterwards a massively successful Brewing Company. Not content with that, they have gone on to also become distillers with 12 fine award-winning liquors under their belts to date.

When setting out to create Devil's Share Single Malt it was with a mission toward creating the smoothest and most flavorful single malt possible. Beginning with Brewers malt, and crafting by traditional methods, they knew that the Devil was to be found in the detail. By making Devil's Share and in such small batches it allows extreme precision and control over its purity. The carefully nurtured distillate is aged in heavily charred Virgin American Oak barrels before being bottled, and all of of this happens on their Scripps Ranch site.

Award winning Devil's Share Single Malt is an exceptionally smooth, distinctive whiskey with a sweet woody caramel and vanilla flavor accented beautifully by spicy cinnamon, cardamom and Licorice notes.

Being made in such small batches, Devil's Share is very precious and rare. Don't let the Lucifer have it all, make sure you get your share.