Ballast Point Tongue Buckler


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Ballast Point Tongue Buckler

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Ballast Point Tongue Buckler

Is an Imperial Red at 10% and apparently has a ton of IBUs. Not sure how valid this is but a Beer Advocate overheard this while visiting the brewery, “This beer came back from White Labs at 107 IBUs. Which is huge. And only two other beers have ever been certified over 100.” If you like your hops, this is the ticket.

Tongue Buckler has been a rare find at various events over the years and has seen a few reincarnations; Beer Advocate reports its ABV at 6.4%, it has been reported at 8.5% at a couple events, and has now hit 10%. One such event, the 2005 Great American Beer Festival, netted it with a Silver Medal (out of 25 entrants) in the ‘Imperial or Double Red Ale category.’ More recently, the beer took home a Gold Medal in the same category at the 2007 L.A. County Fair.

107 IBUs
ABV: 10%

ratebeer = 98