Ballast Point Spiced Rum 750ml


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Ballast Point Three Sheets Spiced Rum

Ballast Point Spiced Rum

Over centuries, ancient traditions songs and stories about Tiki gods, said to control all nature's forces and to embody the strengths and weaknesses of man, have been passed down through generations. Worshipping these gods offered protection, encouraged them to bring blessings, rather than to inflicting vengeance should they remain unsatisfied.

Ballast Point made their offering, delivering small batch crafted Three Sheets Spiced Rum. Their senses intrigued and satiated, the gods are delighted.

Crafted from pure cane sugar and distilled in a hybrid pot-and-column still, Ballast Point’s famed white rum has been generously infused with seven natural ingredients. Whole vanilla beans, rich, flavourful shredded coconut, zesty orange peel, spicy ginger and nutmeg, hot black pepper and aromatic cinnamon.

Bask in the lap of the gods as you enjoy the all consuming pleasure of this smooth, warming spirit. But, be warned. Once experienced, your senses will crave more. Sensational neat, or on the rocks, your tropical cocktails will reach heady, more exotic heights.