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Ballast Point Grunion Cans

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Ballast Point Grunion

6-Pack Can's

Innovative back-yard home brewers themselves, San Diego Craft Beer makers Ballast Point are well known for their willingness to explore both with ingredients and with their crafting technique.

Creating competitiveness and that same spirit of innovation from within their ranks; award winning Grunion was spawned on moonlit home shores, and originates from an in-house employee-only home-brew contest making good use of new and lively hop varietals American Mosaic and Calypso.

A hops-lover’s dream it pours into the glass with a thick, frothy white head the color of honeyed gold. Richly aromatic, the nose is abundant with the summer’s fruit harvest; fresh cantaloupe melons, pineapples and grapefruits. There is delicate floral cherry blossom, herbals like Basil and the more purposeful and spicey spruce. All are backed up with an incredible and distinctive hoppiness.

The crisp fresh taste of these lush summer flavors bubble and dance on the tongue, rising from the carbonated surf like Grunion on moonlit Californian shores. The floral, herbal and fruit flavors are balanced and held together by the Marris Otter Barley which brings a delicate whisper of toasted bagel and the Carapils malt with its delicious nutty and soft caramel-sweetness.

After all that flavor, Grunion is surprisingly smooth in the finish inviting you to sit a while and kick back.