Ballast Point Fugu Pina 750ml


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Ballast Point Fugu Piña Vodka

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Ballast Point Fugu Piña Vodka

Ballast Point decided on Pina as one of the flavors for their mexan themed vodkas, being that Pina Colada is a spanish infused cocktail. This vodka takes it's flavors from coconuts and pineapple juice, and is truley an amazing vodka. No way of explaining it, they nailed it with this vodka, you have to try it to believe it.

In San Diego, we have some of the freshest, most authentic Mexican cuisine north of the border. So to flavor our Fugu vodka, we took our inspiration from the tastes served up at our neighborhood taco shops: spicy habanero peppers, creamy horchata, and aguas frescas with sweet Jamaica hibiscus or juicy pineapple. The result: a world-class vodka, infused with local flavor.