Ballast Point Fugu Horchata


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Ballast Point Fugu Horchata

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Ballast Point Fugu Horchata

Distilled to perfection by enthusiasts obsessed with precision, Fugu Horchata has been hand crafted with this same meticulous and conscientious eye for detail.

The folk at Ballast Point have taken their inspiration from the world around them in creating Fugu Horchata which gathers into its embrace the preference for Mexican taco cuisine favored by the residents of San Diego.

Infusing their already incredible Fugu Vodka with only natural flavorings, Fugu Horchata will light a fire in your belly. It has been made spicy with Habanero peppers, sweetened with Jamaica Hibiscus and pineapple, and made creamy with Horchata from which it takes its name.