Ballast Point Batch No 3 Devil's Share Whiskey


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Ballast Point Batch No 003 Devil's Share Whiskey

Ballast Point Batch No 003 Devil's Share Whiskey

For the loved of all whiskies young and old, give the devil his due when it comes to any spirits. The Ballast Point Whiskey #3 is no exception. The wicked blend of prime ingredients creates a smooth and inviting appearance with amber color and tempts one even more with its rich, sweet, and creamy vanialla and coconut aroma let the little subtle hint of honey and oak linger well beyond as the glass desends.

A swirling mouthful warmly coats the palate with its nougat and creamy richness. The honey and sweetness carry through with a medium body holding a touch of spice.

Savoring the flavors until the last minute, the finish on the Ballast Point Whiskey #3 again reveals the coconut, honey and bits of ginger as it brings on the spice at a medium level.