Ballast Point Bourbon Batch #3 Bourbon Whiskey


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Ballast Point Devil's Share Bourbon Batch 003

Ballast Point Devil's Share Bourbon

Batch 003

Available in extremely limited quantities, Ballast Point Devils Share Bourbon Whiskey is a premium small batch bourbon with a great many precious metal awards under its belt.

Taking only the heart of each small batch, Ballast Point Devil's Share Bourbon is made, aged and bottled at their San Diego Scripps Ranch site. Once distilled Devil's Share bourbon is decanted into virgin American Oak barrels that have been heavily charred where it becomes sinfully smooth, exceptionally refined and deeply complex.

Bold and robust, this spirit has a devil may care attitude. The scent of rich cinnamon, heady tobacco, oak with tonal essences of vanilla and leather. An earthy flavor, sweet with toffee caramel, soft with vanilla cream and with a spiced finish that lingers, Ballast Point's bourbon whiskey is wickedly more-ish. Never mind the Devil's share, make sure you get yours?