Balcones Rumble Texas Whisky 750ml


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Balcones Rumble Texas Whisky

While making the rounds of tasting our barrels, I discovered a cache of older Rumble casks that had been all but forgotten.  The spirit inside was remarkable - rich, delicious, and unique.  I carefully mingled the best of these barrels to create the bottle in your hand.  The result is so special I think it deserves to be preserved in its natural state - unfiltered and at full barrel proof.  Each Rumble Cask Reserve bottling is very small and is meant to express different facets of this unique spirit.  I hope you enjoy the differences between each bottling of this Texas innovation as much as you enjoy the spirit inside the bottle.

honey, fruit cocktail, honeysuckle, soft leather, floral musk, hint of mint/eucalyptus, tea tree oil, cinnamon redhots, some unripe stone fruit, dried nectarines, slight tobacco, simple syrup, jasmine, little vanilla

light fruit cocktail, subtle leather spice, dried fig/plum, honey, mild rosemary, sweet tea, mint, oak, kiwi, rye, grapefruit, slight anise

medium lingering finish, hint of spice, honey and leather spice fade, minty evaporation