Balboa's Tap House Grouchy IPA 4Pk


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Balboa's Tap House Grouchy IPA 4 Pack Can's

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Balboa's Tap House Grouchy IPA 4 Pack Can's

West Coast India Pale Ale

Drink Good Beer...

Since 2014, Balboa's Tap House has offered an incredibly diverse beer selection to our many faithful patrons. From unique local microbrews to world acclaimed brands, we're so proud to provide a cold one to match every kind of taste. Now, we're taking the opportunity to celebrate our 5 year anniversary by launching our first IPA! The brothers of Balboa's have brewed this classic style not only because we love great beer, but because we wanted to pay tribute to our beautiful hometown of San Diego, which we'l forever hold as the best place on Earth to drink good beer with great friends. We hope you enjoy, and thanks for all your support as we celebrate this milestone together!