Bacardi Spiced Rum 750ml


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BACARDÍ Spiced Rum

Bacardi Spiced Rum

Bacardi Spiced Rum

Bacardi Spiced Rum is created with a blend of rums mellowed in charred American white oak barrels. From there, spices including maple, cinnamon, nutmeg, honey and vanilla are added. The result is what the company calls

…a bold, spiced rum straight from the heart of charred oak barrels with an amber hue, a hint of smokiness and unique velvet-like smoothness.  Rich and oaky on the nose, with hints of smoke and dried fruit, this exceptional spiced rum has a robust flavor that stands up to any challenge. Slightly sweet and peppery with a noticeable rum-kick, Bacardi Spiced tastes great straight or combined with cola and served over ice in a chilled stein glass.

The Oakheart name was developed in collaboration with thousands of consumers and hundreds of bartenders. More than 2,700 names were considered before Oakheart was selected, a process that took more than two years.

BACARDÍ Spiced has a caramel-like vanilla flavor with subtle notes of almond and dried, dark fruits rounded out by cinnamon, nutmeg, and a touch of honey creates a balanced rum with a hint of smokiness.

Vanilla and cinnamon

Sweet and spiced

Black pepper and fudge