Bacardi Mango Rum


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Bacardi Mango Rum

Open up the world of rum. BACARDÍ Mango Rum, with its special blend of mango and citrus, is a beautiful drink for those who like to try something new. Once you’ve tasted it, you will never forget it.

BACARDÍ Mango rum is a fruity, exotic and wildly refreshing spirit that is perfect for sipping on the beach, or in your favourite cocktail. It’s easy to see why this popular brand has captured consumers’ attention: it has alluring mango undertones with just the right amount of orange zing to give it a powerful kick. Try BACARDÍ Mango in a margarita or coctail, or just by itself. You won’t be disappointed!

Bacardi Mango has you are surrounded by the aromas of fresh juicy mangoes and immediately you want a tall cool drink with a tiny umbrella.
I try it chilled and neat – you get mango, with the familiar warmth of rum.