Aztec Amber Ale 22oz


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Aztec Amber Ale

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Aztec Amber Ale

Our Alt Bier/Amber ale has a malty, biscuit-like base with caramel flavors that linger on your taste buds from the first sip to the last. “Alt” means “made in the old way”-- with a medium level of bitterness combined with low esters, and an earthy hop presence that counter-balances the sweetness.

A 6.2% ABV and moderate carbonation level combined with a full mouth feel deliver a smooth and enjoyable drinking experience. Hidden in the amber hues and vibrant red highlights is a hint of roasted nuts.  A slightly dry finish keeps the sweetness in check. 

The cool fermentation and aging temperature is the secret to bringing the roasted malt characteristics of the German Vienna, and Munich malt to the fore, while maintaining a presence of the Noble hops.