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Avery Tweak

Avery Tweak

Avery Brewing Company has relaunched and recreated Meph Addict and given it a new identity and a brand new name.

Not only has the monicker been revamped, but the flavor has been tweaked too. It's become Avery Tweak.

It's still Mephistopheles Stout through and through, but with an intriguing, creative new addition.

Uncap the bottle and without waiting for an introduction, the additions announce themselves. The fragrance of dark mocha espresso speaks powerfully of the new coffee element, whilst there is a pleasing suggestion of the warmth infused during four months spent aging in ex-bourbon casks. It is pitch-dark, opaque black with a head that is pale and pillow-soft. The coffee is there in every sip, with a slightly sweet caramel lending a decadent richness to the spicy hops background. It's extraordinarily full bodied, smooth and creamy textured, with a finish that is slightly sweet, but with enough of the hops sticking around to prevent it from feeling syrupy.

Sometimes a change is as good as a rest. In this the Tweak is impressive.

Batch May Vary