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Avery Rumpkin 2011

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Avery Rumpkin 2011

Imperial Pumpkin Ale brewed with pumpkin puree and a blend of five spices. Aged in extremely fresh Gosling’s Rum barrels for six months. Consume early and often, preferably with a pumpkin pie and/or s’mores.

"We'll put out 500 cases in individual 12-ounce bottles of Rumpkin," says Avery spokesman Joe Osborne. Aged in Gosling Rum barrels, the imperial pumpkin ale typically has about five spices added to it. "We're doing it in part because of its popularity, but also because it just came out so well this year."

SEASONAL: Special   IBU: 15   ABV: 15.9%

ratebeer = 99/100