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Avery Rufus Corvus Barrel Aged Sour Ale

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Avery Rufus Corvus Barrel-Aged Sour Ale

After countless barrel evaluations, blending sessions and blind tastings spread over three months, the Avery Brewing Company is excited to announce the release of Rufus Corvus, a blended sour beer that is No. 19 in the Barrel-Aged Series. With 858 cases produced, Rufus Corvus is Avery’s largest blended sour beer to date, combining 8 different beers from 40 oak barrels.

Rufus Corvus started with a pair of projects: a 6% ABV red sour in fresh Cabernet barrels, code name Ginger, and a 6% ABV dark sour in fresh Cabernet barrels, code name Raven. While Ginger and Raven were solid beers individually, Parker assessed they were even better blended together.