Avery Imperial Stoutwork Orange 12oz


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Avery Barrel Aged Imperial Stoutwork Orange

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Avery Imperial Stoutwork Orange

We’ve wrapped №56 in our Barrel-Aged Series with some nice gold foil just in time for the holidays. Introducing Avery Imperial Stoutwork Orange: a stout aged for over four months in Bourbon and whiskey barrels with fresh orange peel, cacao nibs, and cardamom.

Imperial Stoutwork Orange is our latest take on an Avery classic. Stoutwork Orange first originated back in Avery’s alley days. We set out to imitate the flavor one finds in the chocolate oranges that are popular around the holidays — the ones you crack on a table and the chocolate breaks apart into little orange wedges.

SEASONAL: №56   ABV: 15.7%