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Auchentoshan 1988 Wine Cask Finish

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Auchentoshan 1988 Wine Cask Finish

Auchentoshan Single Malt whiskey is created with immense care, producing whiskey that is accomplished, uniquely complex, full of mystique and personality.

First unpeated Optic barley is gently kilned then painstaking milled maximizing the release of starches where, over three fillings in a Lauter tun, they transform into sugars. Next skilled Mash men carefully preside over the fermentation using Oregon pine washbacks, before the long and intricate triple distilation process begins.

Unique in Scotland to Auchentoshan, this third distillation, taking the spirit to 81% ABV, is key in creating the strength of character, incredible smoothness and clarity as it slowly matures inside carefully selected, previously used open-grained French oak casks.

Extremely limited and rare only 1,800 bottles of Auchentoshan Wine Cask 1988 have been released. For two decades it has soaked up the tannins and flavors generously released by the Bourbon casks in which it was held during the first 8 years, and the further 12 years of finishing inside Saint-Julien Bordeaux wine barrels.

The senses are primed, the eyes greedily appraising as the rich ruby red liquid is swirled around the glass. The nose inviting, ripe sun ripened summer fruits, the warmth of the bourbon and Bordeaux. The mouth waters in anticipation.

The taste is clean, balanced, complex. Fresh eucalyptus, cherries and summer berries roll across the tongue. These flavors joined by a deliciously sweet nuttiness. The finish enduring in its pleasure, is deeply rewarding, warm and velvet smooth.