AsomBroso El Platino Blanco Tequila


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AsomBroso El Platino Blanco Triple Distilled Tequila

AsomBroso Ultafino Tequila Silver

Silver Blanco Tequila

Unaged and pure 100% Agave. All AsomBroso Tequilas are prepared with only the best hand selected Agave plants at peak maturity, produced using old fashioned methods and state of the art modern technology, using multiple distillation and filtration processes.

Named Top Tequila in the 2008 San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

The nose emits zesty scents of fennel, anise and dried herbs; aeration brings out elements of chocolate, agave, olive and rye bread. Palate entry is peppery and sharp, followed by mid-palate flavors of sweet pepper and ripe agave; concluding toasty and mellow.