AsomBroso Barrel 3 The Collaboration Extra Anejo Tequila


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AsomBroso Barrel 3 The Collaboration Extra Anejo Rested In Silver Oak Wine Tequila

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AsomBroso The Collaboration Double Barrel Silver Oak Extra Anejo


80 Proof (ABV 40%) | 750ml  Bottle Size |

Barrel 3 of our famous Extra Anejo rested over 12 years double barrel rested tequila. Only 150 bottles of this highly exclusive tequila will be offered.

Rested in famous vineyard Silver Oak Cellars American Oak Cabernet Sauvignon casts. The Collaboration is another groundbreaking masterpiece using our ultra-premium tequila and Napa’s esteemed Silver Oak Cellar’s American casks, which has produced a one-of-a-kind, ultra-premium, double barrel-rested, Cabernet Sauvigion extra anejo.

Housed in a crystal decanter hand made by the famous Italian artist Luciano Gambaro on the island of Murano Italy.

Barrel 3 has adorn a complexity of both fine lush wine and sweet agave. Front notes include caramel , butterscotch, sweet cream and cherry. Distinct from other releases, this tequila yields a beautiful fruit sensation of blackberry and wild apple. Finishing with mild oak and extremely light smoke. 

Given an unheard of 96 points by the prestigious Tasting Panel Magazine