AsomBroso Anejo 10 Year 750ml


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AsomBroso 10 Year Old Rogue Añejo Tequila

AsomBroso Extra Anejo Rogue 10 Year

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A true testament to our legendary line up of fine Extra Anejos, the Especial De Rouge is a masterpiece in its own right. Beginning with our award winning 100% Highland Blue Weber Agave El Platino Blanco , we age this deliciously delicate and sweet tequila in fine crafted French oak barrels previously used to host one of the worlds most famous French Cognacs, Grand Marnier. We await an entire decade for the aging process to take hold, measuring the content religiously month by month, to ensure the essence of both the mild oak and buttery orange blossom notes take hold of the tequila.

The outcome is an unparalleled flavor and smoothness that not even our founder and master distiller sought possible.