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Art In The Age Root Liqueur

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Art In The Age Root Liqueur

The first truly authentic American liqueur since the pre-Prohibition era, ROOT is a certified organic spirit made with North American herbs and pure cane sugar. Unlike anything else on the market today, ROOT signifies a return to creativity and quality in spirits production. Though Art in the Age’s ROOT has only recently begun tickling taste buds around Philadelphia, the spirit’s true history goes back centuries. The Native Americans taught a Root Tea recipe to settlers in the 1700s. Over generations, the tea grew in potency, particularly in Pennsylvania, which is naturally replete with necessary ingredients like anise, birch bark, cloves, cardamom, and spearmint. During the Temperance Movement, a Philadelphia pharmacist removed the alcohol and ironically rechristened it Root Beer. Now, more than 130 years later, we’ve done out best to re-create the pre-Temperance recipe, and to resurrect this classic American spirit. ROOT is best enjoyed neat, or artfully mixed with white spirits, scotch or a dark beer, to enhance the naturally complex flavors. And with such a delightfully rich bouquet, ROOT also lends itself exceptionally well to culinary creativity, as Wild Flour Bakery has surely demonstrated with their delicious spiced raisin quickbread with ROOT-marinated raisins.