Appleton Estate 21 Year 750ml


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Appleton Estate 21 Year Jamaican Rum

Appleton Estate's 21 Year Jamaican Rum

Deep and complex, Appleton Estate's 21 Year blend evokes clean oak, sweet vanilla, and a touch of nuttiness, all alongside light citrus. The full flavor unfolds through the senses for a smooth, luxurious experience. Truly an aficionado's rum, this limited release liquor lends itself perfectly to sipping and savoring neat.


Immerse yourself in a tantalizing symphony of fragrances, where vibrant orange zest dances gracefully with the warmth of aged wood and a touch of alluring spice.

Embark on a luxurious journey as your palate is enveloped by opulence. Experience the velvety richness akin to fine liquors, harmoniously intermingled with delightful hints of sumptuous marmalade and velvety vanilla.

The enchantment lingers as the flavors gracefully unfold, leaving a lasting impression of delightful sweetness perfectly balanced by a gentle dry spice. Your taste buds will revel in the pleasure that lingers on, like a sweet caress on a summer's eve.

Appleton Estate Aged 21 years, earned a score of 98 points from Wine Enthusiast.