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Apothic Brew Red Wine

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Apothic Brew Red Wine

For a quick pick-me-up, be sure to pick up a bottle of Apothic Brew Limited. It contains enough caffeine to get you going during a meal or provide an energetic boost to finish the evening. Red fruit and toasted oak scents bring a refreshing feeling to Apothic Brew Limited, which pairs well with green salads and meat dishes such as ribs.

Give in to your grown-up tastes with the distinct flavor of Apothic Brew Red Wine! Infused with hints of cold coffee, rich, luscious plums, and black cherries, the wine may serve a good treat for those who enjoy having breakfast for dinner. A slight touch of anise and wet stone serve to characterize it's unique zest. A recent addition of vanilla compliments the cool java within. Because it comes close to breakfast, the best food pairing would be maple and beer-glazed ham.