Angels Envy Rye Rum Cask 750ml


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Angels Envy Rye Whiskey Finished In Caribbean Rum Casks

Angel's Envy Rye Finished in Caribbean Rum Casks Whiskey

We’re particular about our whiskey. So when Lincoln Henderson decided to make a rye, he took an unconventional approach. As a malcontent, it’s just his nature. We began traditionally enough, insisting upon the perfect taste profile at 95% rye. Even the water has to be right. We can be a handful to work with, but the extra effort always seems to pay off. So where other ryes would have stopped, we chose to finish.

Lincoln decided that a rum finish would provide the perfect complement to our already exceptional rye. We chose rum barrels that had previously been used to age French cognac. Long story short, our barrels are vintage and very well travelled. We finish our rye for up to 18 months in these Franco Caribbean casks, resulting in a rare and immensely complex, but incredibly drinkable whiskey, even at 100 proof. With only 2,500 9-liter cases at launch, Angel’s Envy Rum Finished Rye is an extremely small batch release, and we sincerely hope you get the opportunity to enjoy a bottle—neat, mixed or in good company.

First, notice the crystal clear quality with a rich reddish amber color. You smell citrus, caramel candy, maple sugar, vanilla oak, hazelnut, spice and sherry wood. You’ll taste sweet rum sherry wood and soft oak with a finish that’s both sweet and dry as well as quick and easy.

While the Bourbon is finished in Port Wine casks, Lincoln Henderson decided to give the Rye a touch of the islands.

“We considered finishing a spirit in rum casks for some time and ultimately felt that the spiciness of a well-rounded Rye provided the best pairing,” said Lincoln Henderson, Master Distiller, Angel’s Envy.  “We sourced and sampled more than 100 different rums, before unanimously choosing one with extraordinary richness that perfectly marries with our rye whiskey.”

As a small company, we are very particular about our finished spirits. Angel’s Envy Rye Finished in Caribbean Rum Casks is now +7 years old and aged up to 18 months in Caribbean XO Casks that were Cognac Casks before that. While there is no formal definition of "small batch," the term references the number of barrels blended together. We blend twice in small batches between 8 and 12 barrels at a time - first to go in the Caribbean rum casks and then later to get a consistent flavor profile once its ready to be bottled. It is 95% Rye and bottled at 100 proof – aged in full size 53 gallon barrels (which is a rarity for new brands). Each batch is tracked through the side label on any bottle. The brand is finished and bottled in Kentucky. Due to the scarcity of the special barrels and the intricacies involved in the finishing process, we only issue a small, limited release twice a year.

Angel’s Envy Rye will be bottled at 50% ABV

Angels Envy Rye Whiskey Finished In Caribbean Rum Casks

The mingling of raw, spicy and earthy rye with the mellow sweetness of rum finishing creates an incomparably smooth and drinkable whiskey.

Aromas of citrus, caramel candy, maple sugar, vanilla, oak, hazelnut, spice and sherry wood

Sweet rum, sherry wood, and soft oak

Both sweet and dry, as well as quick and easy