Ambros Banana Whiskey 750ml


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Ambros Banana Whiskey

Ambros Banana Whiskey

Ambros Banana Whiskey was founded on the realization that the spirits industry needed to change how their products were being flavored. We set out to shift this dynamic and create a truly authentic flavored whiskey that everyone could truly appreciate. This began our journey to create a process that would allow spirits to be infused with only 100% real fruit with no preservatives and be shelf-able for consumption at any time. The challenge with our idea was that it had never been done and our methods had not been invented. After exploring, designing, traveling and dreaming we realized that although difficult our goals were possible and AMBROS was born.

Ambros Banana Whiskey has re-defined the category of flavored spirits. Using only 100% real bananas in the fruit infusion process, Ambros Banana Whiskey has no artificial flavors or preservatives, no ‘natural’ flavors, no fruit juice concentrate and no added sugars or syrups.