Amador Ten Barrels Whiskey 750


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Amador Straight Hop-Flavored Whiskey Limited Release Small Batch

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Amador Straight Hop-Flavored Whiskey Ten Barrels Limited Release Small Batch

Thirty years in the making, the experience and renowned 12th generation master distiller Marko Karakasevic continues to turn out the most unique and interesting whiskey's the world will ever touch upon their lips. The 96 Proof Amador Ten Barrels Whiskey lays proof to such.

Available in twenty six states across the United States, the straight malt whiskey and hop-flavored whiskey are distilled in Matured in French oak wine barrels for two years before they come together for a harmonious and engaging meeting for one year in the chardonnay barrels. After this combined three year pperiod, they are offically married and bottled.

With such a perfected union, the Amador Ten Barrels Whiskey derived its name from the fact that only Ten Barrels will ever be made. A limited showing of perfection meant to last a lifetime is all it takes to showcase the class and sophistication of First Class and Coach. Amador Ten Barrels Whiskey shows the difference with its rich caramel and vanilla aroma; toffee, butterscotch, warm caramel and nougat dominating palate notes that lead it to an ever-lasting finish.