Almanac Saison Dolores 22oz


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Almanac Saison Dolores

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Almanac Saison Dolores

Almanac Saison Dolores is the newest beer from the Almanac Company. It is an all year round tipple with a bright, sweet-smell inspired by Mission District of San Francisco. Its ingredients include rye, barley and Sonoran wheat from Mendocino County. The beer is fermented with Saison yeast and the hops are finally dried to produce California Saison with aromas of zesty white pepper, plummy melon and a pleasant hygienic finish. This bubbly sweet-smelling farmhouse ale can be enjoyed with funky cleansed rind cheeses, fresh seafood and vintage French-type charcuterie. Almanac Saison Dolores is sold at Quality Liquor Store in San Diego, CA.