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Almanac Farm To Barrel Peach de Brettaville

Almanac Farm To Barrel Peach de Brettaville

Liquid gold in a brandy barrels only comes around once in a lifetime for some. If you are lucky enough to come by an opportunity to indulge this fresh and ready summer peaked Peach Sour, don’t miss the opportunity. Keeping it tight and short-

Smell- Fresh and Ready Summer fruits-light and juicy peaches, tangerine with bits of a zesty lemon

Taste-Nice even tart that blends rather well with the fresh just picked peach flavors. The zesty lemon opens up and becomes bolder but not overbearing. You can definitely taste the cherry coming through from the brandy barrels. -Really enjoying the tart and zesty lemon with the sweetness undertones-

A quick semi-review, enjoy a retired American Wild Ale (fruit infused sour beer) while you have the chance. It is limited and was brewed only once.